Supporting Early Parenting Journeys: Xplor launches In-house Expert Content

How much sleep does your baby need? What to do if your toddler struggles to settle or sleep? When and how to start preparing for breastfeeding? Most of all, how do you know it’s time to seek help?

Parents and caregivers go through various challenges at each stage of a child’s growth and development. Oftentimes they struggle to find solutions to antenatal or early parenting questions when they need it most. 

New parents especially need all the support they can get when sending their child to care. Advice from trained professionals may help calm the anxiety of being away from a child and help families feel more confident about making the transition. Parents who choose to breastfeed their child in care, or have trouble managing sleep or feeding routines, for instance, have a huge need to receive professional content relevant to their child’s development. 

When caring for children, it’s always helpful to rely on professional and research-based training from trusted sources. At Xplor, we’ve partnered with the Ternity Group’s antenatal and early parenting platform, Nourish Baby, to provide parenting advice and best practices to parents of infants (birth to 3 years). Ternity Group is the only online antenatal class provider endorsed by the Childbirth and Parenting Educators of Australia (CAPEA), and is also an Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) EQuIP6 accredited organisation.

As a parent or a caregiver, you understand that infancy is a critical time and knowing how to care for a child is paramount to their growth. Each child has unique physical and emotional needs, so it is important to build a strong relationship with them. Having access to the right support and approved practices in key areas will help you nurture the child to the best of your ability, especially when they are in care.  

The content partnership will support Xplor and Ternity in building positive birthing and early parenting experiences for parents of young children in Australia. It is part of Xplor’s initiative to build an online learning hub, Home Plus, to support the knowledge base of parents and caregivers. 

Xplor provides access to this content on its Educator App (Playground) and Parent App (Home) to support both caregivers and parents in their unique journeys. Among other updates on child learning and development, the platforms will include expert content recommendations from qualified antenatal and parenting professionals. 

All educational content is designed by qualified parenting professionals, including midwives, early childhood educators, paediatricians, psychologists, nutritionists and wellness coaches who may also be available for phone consultations. Parents and caregivers can browse through online courses, training, guides & ebooks, articles, conferences and more through the Xplor platforms for free.   

Support content is available on a range of topics, including: 

  • postnatal health
  • breastfeeding
  • emotional health and wellbeing
  • parenting and relationships
  • toddler growth and development
  • safe sleep and settling 

Every time an educator records an observation for a child, a relevant learning outcome helps parents better understand their child’s progress. This information sharing process is now even more robust and includes parent education links from trusted sources such as Nourish Baby. 

Caregivers are expected to know how to respond to children’s growth needs and to provide a suitable environment for their learning and development inside of care. Therefore, professional training for childcare providers will cover knowing how to settle and sleep babies, understand toddler milestones and challenges, and respond to children’s needs. Ensuring that childcare staff understand childcare regulations and approved guidelines for care also contributes to successful Assessments and Ratings (A&R) and eventually high National Quality Standard (NQS) ratings for the service. 

Xplor is helping to build a community of evidence-based information that improves emotional health and wellbeing for families in Australia. Therefore, the purpose of this learning hub is to complete the care experience and serve as a support group along a parent’s journeys even outside of care. Parents can access this learning hub to become more involved in childcare practices and make the right decisions for their children. 

Parents can access the free content by downloading the Home app.