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Looking to increase your occupancy?
Whether you need to fill vacancies after COVID-19 or simply better manage the demand you already have, Xplor Space is here to help.
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Increase occupancy and automate your marketing with our latest addition to Xplor. Space will help you generate and manage all your enquiries, tour bookings and enrolments from one place.

1% in occupancy is worth $18k in revenue.

National survey for The Early Years Insights 2020

What is Space?

Space is cloud-based CRM system which allows childcare services to easily manage enquiries online, whether working in the centre or remotely. Childcare services listed on Space will now automatically sync all new enquiries from their website, Facebook page, or listing sites (like CareforKids) in one easy-to-manage dashboard.

What is the difference between Space and a waitlist?

Space is a lead CRM, which is optimised to manage prospective families and enquiries (those which have not yet enrolled in your service). Meanwhile, the waitlist in Xplor is used to manage existing families who already have children enrolled in your service.

How much does Space cost?

There is no cost for the ‘Lite’ version of Space, which includes the Lead CRM (waitlist management), marketplace listing page, website embedded enquiry forms and tour scheduling functionality. If you would like additional marketing support (our paid packages), please reach out to to explore your options. 

I manage my enquiries in a spreadsheet- can I bulk upload them to Space?

Yes, there is a bulk upload tool available in the Space dashboard. Alternatively, we can upload these for you. Please upload your spreadsheet in the Setup Wizard.

Does Xplor Space integrate with Office?

During the BETA version, you can only connect your Office enrolment link, which means that when you invite a prospective family to enrol, their enrolment will appear in Office. The Space platform requires a separate login whilst in BETA so you will need to set this up. We recommend using the same logins that you use for Xplor. 

Does Xplor Space integrate with my CCS Provider?

If your CCS Provider provides your service with a publicly-accessible online enrolment form link, you can add this link in the Service Settings page of Space. Then, when parents finish an enrolment, the enrolment information will be sent to your CCS Provider.

If your CCS Provider doesn’t have an online enrolment form link, get in touch to see how the Xplor system works to see if this might be a fit for you.

Does Space integrate with CareforKids?

Yes, we can activate your integration which will allow all enquiries from CareforKids to flow into your Space dashboard. Please contact if you would like for this to happen within your account.

Yes, we can activate your integration which will allow all enquiries from CareforKids to flow into your Space dashboard. Please contact if you would like for this to happen within your account.

I’m having trouble registering, what do I do?

You can register your service by clicking here. On the second page, tick the box if you can’t find your service:

If you’re still having difficulty, you can reach out to us on for support.

How do I embed Xplor Space onto my website?

You can find the code for your webmaster in the service settings in Space. If you’d like us to embed this for you on your website (at no cost), please add your website details in the Setup Wizard.

How can I invite parents to enrol?

See our video walkthrough about setting up parent enrolments. You can choose from three choices to enable enrolment functionality on Space. 

  1. Online Enrolment Form: if you are an Xplor Office customer or use an online enrolment platform, you can copy and paste your online enrolment form link into Service Settings page. Your enrolment form link must be publicly accessible and fillable by any parent you invite. When you invite a parent to enrol, they then can access the link you provide to complete their enrolment.
  2. PDF Form: if you have a PDF form you normally send to parents for enrolments, you can upload this PDF form into the service settings page and it will be sent to parents’ email addresses when you invite them to enrol.
  3. Instructions: do you have a special enrolment process not covered by above? You can add in specific instructions to parents as well as any web links in the service settings page and parents will receive the instructions via email when invited to enrol.

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