How does software impact parents?

Your ‘multi-app integrations’ provider might not be the right choice for parents.

This guide will help you understand the variety of software available for your centre and how each type will have a different impact on your centre’s performance. There are two broad categories of CCS to consider. Multi-platform solutions are those that require additional integrations to their software so that a complete service can be provided to you. In contrast, a single-platform solution is a comprehensive software suite that provides all the necessary integrations and platforms in-house so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining several logins.

Xplor's SIngle-platform vs Multiple-platform Guide
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Helping you make the best choice.

This guide will help you learn about:

  • Parent Experience
    Which type of platforms provide a better Parent Experience?
  • Child Data Security
    Are there security risks to consider for Child Data?
  • Accountability
    Why is Single-Point Accountability important?
  • ‘Best in Class’
    Do multi-platform solutions provide ‘Best in Class’ options?
  • Longevity (“Future-Proofing”)
    What should you consider for software longevity (“Future-Proofing”)?