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Be ready for the New ChildCare IT System 

Effective 02 July 2018, the Australian government is launching its New Child Care Package to aid families with more childcare support. The new childcare IT system is currently being built which will be easy to use for not only families but childcare services and educators.  

But educators and services need to prepare and the earlier the better. Eligible Childcare services and educators must register to PRODA.

More information on PRODA can be found here


The ChildCare PRODA requirements – What are they?

  • What is PRODA?
  • PRODA for early learning services and educators
  • Who needs to register?
  • When to register for PRODA?
  • How long does it take to register?
  • Now what?

Key personnel need to download this guide

  • Provider level personnel
  • Service level personnel
  • Service contacts
  • Family day care educators 


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Get the Guide Here

PRODA for ChildCare
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PRODA for ChildCare
Download the guide to help you understand the new childcare PRODA requirements and who needs to register. It will be a helpful resource for those personnel who must register.
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