1: Child Care Learning Framework

Part of the series "Optimising Child Care"

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In this childcare legislation cheat sheet, we share with you Mark Woodland’s legislative and policy knowledge he gained throughout his journey of building and running long day care centres in Victoria.

This legislation cheat sheet will provide details and everything you need to know about the legalities you need to follow to comply with the government policy and the National Quality Framework (NQF). You’ll learn about the following;

  • National Approved Learning Frameworks
  • Other State and Territory Frameworks
  • National Quality Standard
  • Other Resources

Who should download this cheat sheet

  • Services needing guidance on the framework itself.
  • Administrators wanting to ensure they comply with framework and use it as a quality competitive advantage

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Many of the sections of this book are from my own personal experiences.  Building a childcare service is relatively straightforward if you follow the Annexes in the back of this book. What is not so straightforward is everything else.

I would love this book to be an active reference—something you can flip through to find useful guidance on specific topics when you need some perspective or advice.

I’ve included a checklist in each chapter to help you through certain situations. Like you I am still learning and although I am relatively successful in my own right, my experience is far from exhaustive.

When there are online references that might prove useful, I’ve included a footnote pointing to my website, where you can find more direct links to these resources.

Mark Woodland

CEO, Xplor