Childcare Package and Subsidy Software

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Xplor automates administration through its childcare management platform so it enables teachers, educators and parents to focus on a child’s learning. Experience their child’s early learning via a live feed of photos, videos, and activities. By automating submissions and programming and planning,  the government platform makes childcare management efficient.

The New ChildCare Subsidy and Subsidy Software (CCSS)

This resource has been created for both child care providers and families as a guide to Australia’s New Child Care Package.

From July 2, 2018, there will be changes for both providers and families, including a new Child Care Subsidy Software, Child Care Subsidy, and Child Care Safety Net. There will also be changes to operational requirements for child care providers and educators.

The Child Care Package is intended to provide more support for more families while streamlining and automating more processes and procedures.

Xplor is committed to simplifying child care administration, lesson programming, and other everyday tasks so childcare providers and educators can focus on the work they love.

What the changes include:

  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Child Care Safety Net
  • Child Care Subsidy Software
  • Operational Changes

Each of these changes is explained in greater detail within the pages of this White Paper.

Who needs to download this guide

  • Service Leaders
  • Educators
  • Parents

Xplor is offering a range of events in major capital cities to share CCSS changes and information. Register for events here.