Additional ChildCare Subsidy (ACCS)

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In July 2018, the Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB), the Grandparent Child Care Benefit (GCCB) and the Jobs Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance (JETCCFAA) were replaced by the Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS).
The Additional Child Care Subsidy includes four components such as ACCS (grandparent), ACCS (temporary financial hardship), ACCS (transition to work) and ACCS (child wellbeing) which is for families needing practical aid to support their children’s safety and wellbeing which is the primary focus on this information guide.

What you need to know to about ACCS

This guide will take you on the journey to understand everything you need to know about ACCS. You’ll learn about the following;

  • What is ACCS?
  • ACCS Eligibility and Calculation
  • Definition of Risk
  • Determination of  a Child’s Risk and Certification
  • Giving Notice – Making an ACCS (Child Wellbeing) Referral

Who Should Download the ACCS Guide

  • Services needing guidance on their ACCS requirements
  • Administrators wanting to guide parents through their Assistance ChildCare Subsidy to redeem their rebate.