A professional staff that works respectfully & collaboratively provides great care to children—and helps your ratings

Services with Exceeding ratings report 38% more full-time staff than the average.

Quality Area 4 (QA4), Staffing Arrangements, of the National Quality Standard (NQS) lays out regulations and qualifications for early childcare staff and educators. In order for a centre to provide quality care to children and their families, staff must work together in an environment that encourages critical reflection and professional development. Staff that regularly examine policies and processes with a goal of continuous improvement create services that excel, not only in the care they provide but also with NQS ratings.

How to Improve NQS Ratings in Quality Area 4—Staffing Arrangments includes:

  • A summary of National Laws and Regulations for staff, as well as educator-to-child ratios
  • Tips for QA4 documentation to help you prepare for your next assessment
  • Ideas for how staff and educators can use technology to boost collaboration
  • A comprehensive checklist to keep you on track
Xplor's QA4 Guide
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Documentation is always the key to improved NQS ratings

Storing documentation for QA4 electronically also helps you meet Element 3.2.3 (Environmentally Responsible) and is easy to access during assessments.

Digital documentation examples:

  • Well-planned rosters, demonstrating continuity of staff
  • Digital copies of your centre’s Code of Ethics and staff handbook
  • Minutes from staff meetings