A safe physical environment can lead to high NQS Ratings

48% of early learning services are rated Working Towards NQS in 3-5 quality areas.

The design, layout, and equipment of a centre all have an impact on the learning experiences of children in care, along with ratings in Quality Area 3 (Physical Environment). Services failing to meet NQS ratings can find it harder to remain competitive. So we’ve prepared a guide to help you improve how your centre’s environment promotes children’s learning and development. 

  • Suggestions to design your centre’s indoor and outdoor environments
  • Vital safety tips for sleep areas in line with guidance from health professionals
  • Using Programming and Planning (P&P) tools to document learning outcomes
  • Developing processes for successful Assessment and Ratings (A&R)
Xplor's QA3 Guide
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Build sustainability plans in your P&P tool

Find the best ways to implement sustainability plans under NQS Quality Area.

  • Use People Engagement Software (PES) app to share children’s contributions to the environment
  • Fulfil Element 1.3.3 by sending sustainability information to families
  • Include sustainability tips in newsletters and parenting content for families