Is your educational program child-centred enough to meet NQS standards?

Discover how you can do Meet or Exceed Quality Area 1 on your next assessment

Quality Area 1 (QA1) of the National Quality Standard aims to ensure that the educational program and practice are stimulating and engaging. It focusses on the service’s ability to enhance children’s learning and development. Our guide, How to Improve NQS Ratings in Quality Area 1 will help you determine how ready you are for your next assessment. 

A requirement of QA1 is the establishment of routines that put children at the centre of learning. All aspects of a child’s abilities, ideas, cultures, skills and interests should be considered while creating activities. Our guide highlights critical areas and considerations to assist you in better understanding how your educational programme may help children learn and develop. 

Xplor's NQS QA1 Guide
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In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Check if all the learning outcomes for each child are being accomplished. 
  • Prioritise collecting evidence for a smoother, more transparent assessment. 
  • Integrate Programming & Planning (P&P) software to make documentation easier. 
  • Easily collect and store documentation to help your centre fulfil NQS standards. 
  • Improve each child’s portfolio tracking with cloud-based software.