Meng Lim

Say hi to Meng or Mengo, one of our talented Software Engineers in our Melbourne office.

About my role

As a Software Engineer, I am focused on harnessing a variety of technologies to build products that impact and bring value to our users by revolutionizing the day to day operations of childcare and education. Part of my responsibilities is ensuring that the platform is secure, protects user data and is aesthetically rich and easy to use.

Why did you join Xplor?

Before I started my journey at Xplor, I was an HR practitioner where I was working for a company that stored paper records in a filing cabinet and were not open to adopting digital solutions. Naturally, I became frustrated by this and grew a passion for technology.

I joined Xplor as I had previously stepped foot into the Education space and I see myself aligned with Xplor’s mission “Relentless drive towards the future and making education great”. I was also interested in the modern and exciting tech stack that is used to write elegant software – Elixir + ReactJS, who doesn’t like bonus points! 

What is the most interesting thing about Xplor?

I mean this in a good way, you are always on your toes, but YNWA – You never walk alone (where are my Liverpool fans?). The people are some of the best that I have worked with and surrounded myself with. From the hoverboards to the donut dates, the lax yet high achieving environment and unique office vibes, there isn’t a day where tomorrow is the same. In order to thrive and continue developing real solutions to our complex problems, you need to be open-minded, highly adaptable and creative.

Besides, I have never worked at a place where bringing dogs and pets into the office was so favoured.

Tell us about something that you enjoy learning about outside of work.

I love everything about cars/motorbikes and I also enjoy coloring-in. Recently I have been trying to cook more, the thought of combining particular ingredients at specific temperatures that create chemical explosions of flavours is beyond me… who knew science could be so delicious!

Favourite music? 

I love trance and electronic music to build vibes and feels, I listen to low-fi and instrumental when I want to let my hair down.

Hidden talent?

Hmm, I don’t know if this counts as a talent but certain things I am ambidextrous however I am ambipedal.


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