Lauren Grimes

Tech Lead for the Mobile team in Melbourne

About my role

My role involves working across multiple mobile platforms including iOS and Android, and we develop different products with these. It involves a lot of hands-on development as well as helping my team day to day. 

Why did you join Xplor?

Working at my previous company I felt I lacked a challenging environment, and then I came across an ad from Xplor for a role that really interested me. It pretty much summed up everything that I was looking for in a role, and the culture as well as the vision Xplor presented was something that really resonated with me.

What is the most interesting thing about Xplor?

Never being bored. What you are working on will change day to day and you really have to build-up resilience to change and being able to handle that. I think it brings out qualities in yourself that you never really knew were there.

You will find yourself driving towards this shared vision, and that is very special. I think it’s something you can’t find at a lot of other places and it was something that initially drove me to work here. The team is always working on something different, but always towards the same goal.

Tell us about something that you enjoy learning about outside of work.

I am really into CrossFit. I enjoy the physical but also the mental challenge that CrossFit provides. You will start a work out that you really don’t feel like doing, but the only way out of it is through it. From this, you learn that there are days that you don’t want to do certain things, but tomorrow is a new day and you push through.

I am also very interested in astrophysics, and I enjoy learning things that blow my mind. Astrophysics was something that I was thinking of pursuing prior to starting a tech career, but now I get to work at a tech company that is space-themed so I guess the stars have aligned

Favourite music? 

One of my favourite bands from a few years ago is Baroness, they produced a sort of melodic metal. I enjoy things that have energy to them.

Hidden talent?

I am super flexible, and I can get my arms from behind my back to the front. Also, I was in a classical orchestra during my teenage years and I played the bassoon.


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