Launching into Xplor.

Do you know what it’s like working for a cutting edge software company that’s already changing young children’s reality for the better? I didn’t… until now. And let me tell you, it’s nothing like I imagined. We wear jeans, sweaters and sports clothes. You don’t have to worry about fancy suits or death traps like ties and high heels. Just bring yourself and your aspirations to excel. YOU are enough!

The first time you walk into the office, you might feel intimidated. But people will come up to you and say hello with a smile on their face. The next thing you realise, you give your boss a heart attack after putting a giant fake spider on his chair. You occasionally destroy your coworkers in a ping-pong match and share a massive amount of food in a potluck lunch. In less than a heartbeat, you feel a warm feeling and the permanent smile you can’t wipe off your face… you’ve found your new home.

As every family does, we make you go on kitchen duty. But don’t worry, you share your workload with other ill-fated inhabitants. Don’t be surprised if you see the CEO sitting a desk away from you working tirelessly to better the company, while randomly taking hostage of the background music. (Count yourself lucky, he doesn’t have a bad taste).

If you’re starting to get scared for your physical and mental health, have no fear, we have fantastic policies set into place for that! Xplor protects its employees, and all of these mortifying moments you might face here will be worth it when you see the impact we have on educators’ and families’ lives.

The programs we are writing are not just complicated combinations of numbers, symbols, and letters. It is the connection and peace of mind parents feel when they look at their smiling son’s picture before they get to work.

The call we are taking to help and reply to a customer is for a little girl whom laughter is still ringing in your ear since she passed you on the street.

The product we are selling is not just another fancy software. It assists educators in their quest of shaping young minds. Children create our future; our mission is to help them learn how they can make a better one.

At Xplor, you rewrite the future of a child one task at a time. And we will be beside you every step of the way.

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Launching into Xplor