In-app programming and planning—now available in Playground

An ECE educator smiles while accessing programming and planning functionality on in Playground on her mobile device

Now educators can get more done, even when on the move with in-app programming and planning.

Playground, Xplor Education’s educator platform, helps childcare providers make day-to-day tasks simpler for educators and staff with quick and convenient documentation. Playground enhances family engagement and helps ensure children’s safety, providing parents with peace of mind. In its initial release, the app focused on documenting health events and other health and safety tracking. Other useful features, such as programming and planning, required educators to log in to the Playground web platform. 

But we’re thrilled to announce a significant improvement to the Playground app experience. Core web features, such as programming and planning, are now available in the Playground app. By bringing this impactful functionality into the app, educators can efficiently complete programming and planning tasks and ensure compliance even when they’re on the go. 

Direct access to the programming and planning records via the Playground app means educators are able to create meaningful documentation and record experiences with greater flexibility. The app will enable educators to interact with the platform in ways that suit them best, saving time and supporting increased engagement with Playground and shared decision-making with children.

~ Kirsten Holland, General Manager of Program and Practice of Catholic Early Ed Care. 
A table showing the improved in-app programming and planning features available in Xplor Education's Playground educator platform
In-app programming and planning functionality now available in the Playground platform

Adding to this innovative mobile-first planning experience, Playground also offers Documents, Tables and Canvases in the app. This makes it much more convenient for educators to create and share learning journeys with parents using documentation to track and report on each child’s learning outcomes and achievements. Notably, educators can make their planning documents extra creative and more visually appealing with the help of Canvas. 

Xplor Education’s commitment to empowering the early education sector is always a priority. While consulting with an education advisory group of five pedagogical leaders, we engaged with them to learn how to improve our software for the wider sector. During that session, it became apparent that adding programming and planning functionality to the Playground app would be a transformational benefit to educators across the sector.   

Another leader in the ECEC sector, Dr Melinda Miller, the Director of Early Learning, First Five Early Learning, expressed how the new update addresses the modern needs of educators.

“When digital platforms are responsive to the nature of educators’ work in early childhood education settings, documentation can become more meaningful and accessible. The evolution of Playground web functionality into the app is responsive to the time-critical nature of educators’ work, a need for flexibility in how documentation is accessed and recorded, and opportunities for working with digital documentation in more innovative ways for and with children.”  

To take advantage of this cutting-edge functionality, users must update to Playground app version 2.14.0 on their iPad or Apple mobile device. After the update, educators will be able to save time and enjoy the freedom of completing in-app programming and planning while on the move. 

To learn more about how Playground can benefit your service, book a demo with us. 


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