Childcare management software for multi-centre education providers

Say “goodbye” to strenuous admin tasks with a simplified and streamlined way of managing your multi-centre services. Take care of waitlists, enrolments, data entry, CCS submissions, attendance and reporting for all your services under one ecosystem.

  • Cloud-based software with essential downloadable reports to help you stay compliant
  • Convenient, customisable digital forms to simplify data collection
  • Our ecosystem eliminates the need to copy data between systems, providing you a secure single source of truth


Xplor Stars

“Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help.”  – Natalie Underwood, Centre Manager of Minnows Early Learning

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Security and stability for peace of mind

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Less time on admin, better quality care

Office, Xplor’s software for administrators, helps you automate administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s important—caring for children.

  • Digital sign-ins/outs update automatically, ensuring accurate attendance, occupancy and educator-child ratios.

  • Automatic CCS submissions, digital CWAs and bulk re-enrol save you time by streamlining boring, repetitive but crucial admin tasks.

  • A dashboard that shows you occupancy stats, room attendance, financial info and important product updates and access to 30+ reports provides the data you need.

Keep children safe

Playground, Xplor’s educator platform, has health and safety features that enable educators to quickly track health events for every child in the room.

  • Quick and convenient recording of nappy changes, sleep times, medication dosages and other significant health events.

  • Download reports based on records from all of Playground features, including Transport Lists, Health Events, Head Counts, Emergency Evacuations, Drill Evacuations and Incident Reports.

  • In-app programming and planning to scaffold each child’s learning and complete the learning cycle.

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Parents never miss a moment

Build better partnerships with families with real-time updates throughout the day and boost parent engagement with instant messaging using Australia’s top-rated parent app, Home.

  • Educators and parents can collaborate by exchanging photos and videos of children’s learning and development milestones.

  • With the Messenger feature, you can strengthen partnerships with families with the opportunity for ad hoc communication.

  • Increase parent satisfaction with several options for viewing and paying statements.

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Discover how you can streamline processes for reduced administration across multiple services.

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Learn what childcare providers across Australia think about Xplor’s childcare management solutions and how they simplify their day-to-day work.

Case Study

Large-scale childcare provider powers up while making huge savings with Xplor

Catholic Early EdCare increases cost-efficiency and streamlines admin for management running over 130 services, saving up to 40 hours a month with Xplor’s platform.

CEEC Case Study

Case Study

Why single vendor solutions matter

G8 manages over 460 ECEC services across Australia and was looking for a single-software provider to amalgamate all the different platforms they were using into one ecosystem.

G8 Case Study

Case Study

Pilot Childcare boosts parent satisfaction

Improving external communications between parents and their services was a high priority for Pilot Childcare’s 200 educators across its 12 services providing care for 960 children.

Pilot Case Study

Case Study

Exemplary support promised and delivered

The Y Ballarat OSHC Services believes in the power of motivating young people to create healthier and happier communities. The Y OSHC moved to Xplor for the promised comprehensive support.

Y Ballarat Case Study
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The regular communication regarding updates is valuable and promotes further learning and discussion at service level on a regular basis…If they say they’re going to do something and it’s scheduled to happen, it happens.

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The Y Ballarat OSHC Services

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The parents have said it’s just so easy and they’re loving it. Xplor makes my job easy too; I can see what payments are coming out each week, I can adjust them, I have more control and the usability is amazing. I love Xplor with pure passion.

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Centre Manager, Cribb Street Childcare (QLD)

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Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help.

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Centre Manager, Minnows Early Learning (VIC)

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Xplor has made things a lot easier. I am able to switch between centres and having all the information in the one spot rather than switch between all different programs is great.

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Centre Manager, Bourke & District (NSW)

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Xplor stood out as the most understandable and we knew other centres who were using it. Xplor’s clean, easy to use, and it offers all the reports and training we need. If you’re thinking about using Xplor, I recommend it!

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Finance Manager, Newington Early Learning Centre (NSW)

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We did a lot of research before switching software and found Xplor to be more cost-effective than other providers. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback and our parents love getting notifications throughout the day. Xplor’s very easy to use and helps us to stay with the times.

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Centre Manager, Earth Angels (NSW)

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I actually enjoy using the software! It’s so easy. Tasks that used to take 45 minutes are now so easy and quick. If you’re thinking about changing, it can feel scary, but you can go through at your own pace and it’s so worth it. I take my hat off to the Xplor team; they’ve built something amazing and the support is 110%.

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Administrator, Glenroy West Primary School (VIC)


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