One modern platform to run your entire business.

Wherever you are in the process of incorporating Xplor products into your business, we have tools and resources to help you get set up, create a mobile strategy, design and develop customised apps, and deploy and manage our software in your workforce.

Make smarter, faster decisions.

It’s never been easier to connect your people with the data they need to take action.

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Connect people to the data they need quickly, with over 450 connectors to the most popular business applications.

Enjoy simple options for cleansing your data—whether it’s Magic ETL for the data newbie, or Dataflows for the BI wizard.

Draw conclusions about your business and answer questions quickly with intuitive data exploration and filtering.

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Discover the next big opportunity in your business.

With the right data insights, you can find hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed. Swap one-size-fits-all dashboards and rigid technology stacks with a customizable platform to set you ahead of the pack.

Recognize business insights and opportunities as they surface and keep pace with what’s happening in your organization through Xplor’s Alert Center.

Leverage off-the-shelf apps that help you gain specific insights about your business— tailored to industry, role, and business challenge.

Reveal your organization’s strategic opportunities with customized, interactive business apps that reflect your competitive advantage.