Online visibility is of increasing importance as the new year approaches

Digital marketing exposes your service to more families and makes it easier to connect with them

We’ve all been forced to switch to online engagement to some degree or another during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents have become more comfortable using online tools to find childcare services. Having a solid online presence increases the chances parents will not only find your service, but that they’ll reach out to you. If you’ve never used digital marketing, it can seem daunting and confusing. This guide explains the basics of online marketing, allowing your centre to improve its online presence before the end of the year.

Xplor's Childcare Digital Marketing Guide
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Practical strategies your centre can use — now

This guide covers topics such as:

  • The importance of your website
    Discover why a website is essential to your digital marketing strategy
  • Specific tools and strategies
    Learn how platforms like Google and Facebook increase your exposure and help you engage with families
  • How software can help automate marketing
    Leverage online marketplaces and parent enquiry platforms to automate much of your digital marketing and parent engagement