Early Years Research reports Care Quality Insights Q2-2021

  • Child care and education services grew by 0.30% nationwide, mainly OSHC services. However, National Quality Standard (NQS) ratings declined to 28%, compared to the 30% rating of the previous quarter.
  • 178 new centres opened up in Q2 2021, 34% more than the spike seen in the previous quarter.

Early Years Research, Australia’s first dedicated data and research portal for the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector, has released its Care Quality Insights Q2-2021 report. This report aims to address the lack of evidence-based planning in early learning sectors and help ECEC services make data-driven decisions, create baselines and set realistic goals for service quality. 

The recently released data-rich report used data based on 12,253 quality rating reassessments completed by ACECQA in Q2 2021 for children’s education and care services approved to operate under the National Quality Framework. This one-page document provides operators with a holistic view of services in each state and provides a benchmark for services that want to remain competitive in their area. 

The report includes data on new service creation and a detailed breakdown of quality ratings across the country. It compares and provides comparisons of trends across the previous quarter to provide a holistic view of changes in early learning and care service quality overall.

Q2 2021 highlights: 

  • As of Q2 2021, the services grew by 0.30%, with a total of 178 new centres opening up. 
  • OSHC posted the most significant growth among the service sub-types at 0.70%.
  • More services were rated as Meeting NQS than Q1-2021, while services rated Exceeding NQS saw a decline of 7%. 

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The report finds that, in terms of growth, the number of services increased in nearly every state from Q1 2021 to Q2 2021, with ACT showing the largest growth. Furthermore, average NQS ratings across the country saw largely positive movement. Fewer services were rated as Working Towards NQS + Significant Improvement Required and more being rated as Meeting NQS than in the previous quarter.

These trends are further broken down by state, service type, and NQS rating category in the Snapshot report.

To access the Care Quality Insights Q2-2021 report, click here.

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