Make your centre more visible to families so they can connect with you 

Even if you’re new to digital marketing, our guide will set you on the path to increased enrolments and occupancy. 

The pandemic forced us all into a more online world of engagement, which resulted in parents looking for childcare options online with increasing frequency. Where satisfied parents once referred your centre to others in play dates and get togethers at the park, it’s now more likely they’ll be touting your centre on their Facebook page or via an online review. It can be challenging learning new ways of doing things, but we’ll introduce you to the basics and suggest clear steps you can follow in our Childcare Digital Marketing Guide. You’ll also get recommendations for software options, such as marketplaces and enquiry platforms, that can help boost engagements with parents, leading to increased enrolments and higher occupancy.

Xplor's Childcare Digital Marketing Guide
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Enhance the family experience by engaging online

Better understand how to market your service online with the information in our Childcare Digital Marketing Guide:

  • Why a digital marketing strategy is crucial
    Learn why in 2022, an online presence is more important than ever for parent engagement and enrolments
  • What digital marketing tools you can leverage to boost your online visibility
    Learn what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) content is and how it helps make your centre more visible online while providing parents with value. Discover how you can quickly start using common digital marketing tools like a website, a Facebook page, Google ads, and email campaigns.
  • How to Automate digital marketing using software
    If you feel like you don’t have the time for digital marketing, this guide will suggest ways you can use online marketplaces and enquiry platforms to automate the family engagement process.