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We care about education. You should not have to pay software providers to meet regulation. Which is why we are making CCS Software available today for FREE. No lock in contracts. No hidden charges. No support fees. No training costs. No migration fees. 100% Australian owned.


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Dear educators

The transition to CCS has been complex, and I believe Xplor has a responsibility to help service owners through this change. We don’t think it is fair that you should pay Software providers to meet government regulation. We want every service owner to experience the latest features, the most advanced technologies and the strongest security. We believe the best way to do this is to begin a new era of Child Care Software by making Xplor CCS Software free from today.

Mark Woodland | Founder and CEO, Xplor

CCS Events.

Discover Xplor’s amazing free CCS Software and learn what all the fuss is about.

Brisbane – SOLD OUT


Brisbane CBD (TBC)
19 Jun 2018
11 am till 2 pm (AEST)



Sydney CBD (TBC)
21 Jun 2018
11am till 2pm (AEST)



27 Jun 2018
11 am till 2 pm (AEST)

Online SA, TAS, WA, NT


Online Webinar
28 – 29 Jun 2018
2 pm (AEST)

CCS Resources

We have compiled a resource centre to help services smoothly transition to CCS by July 02, 2018.

Call to Action

The ‘How to Complete the CCS online Transition Form’ explains what services need to do to transition to the new CCSS.

Register and Activate

You need to register your providers, complete your B2B device registration and register your providers with Xplor.

Link Personnel

You need to link personnel to your service by updating their details on the Provider Entry Point (PEP)via PRODA.


We recommend parents approve their CWA in Xplor as soon as you have created bookings for the child.