The 5 must have items for your child’s first day of care

Your first day at childcare can be a very anxious time – for you and your child. With so many things happening on the first day, we have made it a little less stressful by including a helpful list of items to pack.

1. Wet weather clothes

For the cooler days, an inexpensive jacket with a zip and built-in hood is a great way to ensure your child is warm during outdoor playtime. Find a jacket that is weatherproof that can double as a raincoat. A great idea is to leave the jacket at childcare with the child’s name marked inside. That way your child is always ready for any changes in weather that might come through.

2. Sun Protection

Sun hats are essential equipment for any child at care, and should have soft brims that allow for movement and to provide for maximum sun protection. Clothing in fabrics such as cotton with long sleeves and long trousers also offer good protection when your child is playing outside during summer.

3. A Water Bottle

A spill proof plastic water bottle that has an easy to use mouthpiece is a great addition to your child’s backpack especially during the warmer months.

4. Spare Change of Clothes

Children in care are prone to getting dirty and accidents often do happen. Get a seasonally-appropriate change of clothes, including socks and underwear and have it ready at a moment’s notice in a bag with your child’s name on it. This way your childcare service is ready for any situation.

5. A photo of their loved ones or favourite teddy.

If it’s their first time in care, or even their first time at a new service, a photo of their family or loved ones can help children get through the tough first few weeks in childcare. If you send their favourite teddy or comforter make sure you have lots of spares. Buying 3 or 4 of the same teddy is not as crazy as it sounds.