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Australian Child Care Benchmark Snapshot – Q1 2019

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With 15,787 child care operators across Australia, how does your service compete?

This Snapshot provides helpful insight into the Australian child care sector, providing competitive intelligence gathered from thousands of Australia’s early education services. Easily compare how your service stacks up for key indicators against similar providers within your local area and metrics for the most common success factors.

Learn how to use the Revenue Per Available Place (RevPAP) ratio to measure the health of your service against others in your region.

National Quality Standards: QA1 Guide:

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Check if all the learning outcomes for each child are being accomplished. 
  • Prioritise collecting evidence for a smoother, more transparent assessment. 
  • Integrate Programming & Planning (P&P) software to make documentation easier.

Understanding Software Options:

Your software guide to help improve:

  • Reduction and management of of admin
  • Parent satisfaction through open engagement,
  • Tracking children’s learning outcomes & fixes.

Childcare Digital Marketing Guide

This guide covers:

  • Why a digital marketing strategy is crucial
  • What digital marketing tools you can leverage to boost your online visibility
  • How to Automate digital marketing using software

Xplor has made things a lot easier. Having all the information in the one spot rather than switch between all different programs is great. Xplor staff are really helpful, you can always ring up and get an answer.

Jenny Norman

Centre Manager, Bourke & District Children's Services

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