Benchmark Report

Australian Child Care Industry – October 2018


Insider Knowledge

Read Mark Woodland's three-part early education series: "Optimising Child Care"


Part 1: Building for Great

I've opened a number of services and have written this from my own personal experiences. The actual building of a childcare centre is relatively straightforward. What is not is everything else.

Part 2: The People Foundation

Almost everyone who builds a childcare service knows that educators are the most important asset. Many services place emphasis on recruiting and the interview process.  Too often the investment stops there.

Part 3: Learning is Hard

The most difficult skill I learned as CEO was the ability to manage my own psychology. Organisational design, hiring, firing, and metrics were all straightforward skills compared to mastering my mind.

Xplor has made things a lot easier. I am able to switch between centres and having all the information in the one spot rather than switch between all different programs is great. Most of the information we can pull off Xplor. It’s helped with a lot of reports we have to do. Xplor staff are really helpful, you can always ring up and get an answer.

Jenny Norman

Centre Manager, Bourke & District Children's Services

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