Ben Quinney

Ben is one of our talented Senior Software Engineers, working within our PHP team in Melbourne and developing features for our Xplor Office product.

About my role

I work within the PHP team and we are responsible for managing and developing features for the Xplor Office product. Our team is primarily concerned with the bookings and financial features of Xplor.

Why did you join Xplor?

When I applied for the job at Xplor I didn’t know much about the company but initially, it sounded like an interesting technical challenge. Once I learned more about the mission it made me even more interested and I am now glad that I get to contribute to the mission every day in the work that I do.

What is the most interesting thing about Xplor?

As a devoted parent, I resonate strongly with the vision and mission of Xplor, so anything that I can do to contribute to Xplor making education great is very rewarding to me. In addition to working towards a worthy and rewarding goal, I love the culture at Xplor and the people I work with are incredibly supportive. There is never a dull day in the office.

Favourite music? 

I have an ever-increasing playlist full of 90’s and 00’s metal and rap, but Faith No More will always be my favourite band.

Tell us about something that you enjoy learning about outside of work.

I am a big space and science fan so I am always listening to podcasts – I like to learn something different every day.

Hidden talent?

I used to compete in Strongman. I love picking up and putting down really heavy things!


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