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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens to my existing data?
Nothing. Your data is still yours. Your entire service is backed up and migrated to Xplor for free and you can access it anytime from a Mac or Windows computer.

Will it be easy to switch to Xplor?
Yes, it will. There’s no need to save your stuff elsewhere before switching from your legacy provider. Use our patented software and it securely transfers your content for you. That means things like your bookings, enrolments, contacts, rosters, payments, children’s records and much more.

What is Xplor about?
Core to our mission is creating immersive and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning, stimulating development of essential life skills and supporting educators in guiding and nurturing children’s passions. We empower children and educators to create and share in entirely new ways, to teach and learn through exploration, to adapt to individual learnings needs, so they can make, design, invent and build with technology.

Is Xplor fast?
Xplor runs on high-performance AWS servers, including a network of edge caches distributed around the globe, which delivers incredible speed to our users. Combine that with the latest Xplor hardware and software, and everything you do on Xplor will feel fast and fluid.

Will Xplor be easy to use?
Xplor is designed to be simple and intuitive. With a swipe of your finger or a single tap, you can manage rosters, send an invoice, or customise your dashboard. It also comes with unlimited access to the Academy, our training hub.

How does Xplor protect my data?
Privacy is a priority with Xplor. Xplor encrypts data and offers multiple layers of security to users, including PIN codes and fingerprint access. Xplor will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. Passwords in Xplor should never be shared as we allow logins for all users, including all family members.

What makes CCMS on Xplor so great?
Xplor realises that administrators and educators have traditionally recorded a lot of redundant information, particularly in CCMS. Our technology helps eliminates redundancies, increasing your productivity and saving you time.

Can I get help from a real person?
Yes. Xplor has real people ready to help with any topic. Whether you want to know more about switching, or about features in Xplor, Xplor’s award-winning support team offers assistance of any kind. Just call a Specialist, chat online, or look us up on Twitter @MyXplorSupport.

What about programming and planning?
Record and communicate learning as it happens. Receive instant feedback and plan new ways to extend children’s unique interests and abilities. Create accessible ePortfolio records that travel with a child from birth to school. Teachers and families become co-learners in their child’s development.

Will I love Xplor?
Xplor has industry-leading satisfaction rates — that’s a lot of smiling educators. A lot of happy parents. And a lot of people who are glad they chose the world’s most loved Child Care Management System.