Who we are

Xplor is not a conventional company. Our mission—to relentlessly change education by making great software —continues to evolve. Since our launch, we have helped educators and parents embrace an ever-expanding, ever-changing, ever-evolving world. With those considerations in mind, we are excited to share a new brand identity that aims to make Xplor more accessible and useful than ever before—wherever they may encounter it.

Since its inception, the Xplor logo has been strikingly simple: The quirky, multicoloured rocket is approachable and friendly. But as education moves forward, the canvas itself is changing, and the inputs and needs are becoming more diverse. A new generation of educators and parents have emerged with new ways to interact and communicate using wearables, voice technology, and smart devices. Users now engage with Xplor using a constellation of devices, and our brand should express the same simplicity and delight they expect from “our” company.

Here’s a short glimpse at some of the design considerations that went into taking the best of what people know and love about Xplor, and evolving the brand to continue to be as dynamic and unconventional as we strive to be.

The Colour

Orange is a colour that will always help us look on the bright side of things, even though the reality is often not too bright. For instance, it can bring us encouragement and motivation in our tough periods, giving us the power to keep going until we manage to find solutions and improvements.

Colour Psychology – Orange

  1. Triggers Creativity
  2. Radiates Warmth
  3. Invokes Interest
  4. Stimulates Appetite
  5. Prompts Cheerfulness
  6. Suggests Connectivity

The Rocket

It is playful and deceptively simple. The design subtle as to look almost non-designed, the reading effortless. The colours evoke memories of child play, but deftly stray from the colour wheel strictures so as to hint to the inherent element of serendipity. The texture and shading of the Rocket is done in an unobtrusive way resulting in lifting it from the page while giving it both weight and lightness. It is solid but there is also an ethereal quality to it.
The rocket is a powerful and beneficial symbol. In a rocket, you quite literally blast off toward the stars, freeing yourself from the pull of gravity. This means when applied to your waking-life goals and dreams, that you have the strength and means to do absolutely anything you want.

[image_with_animation animation=”Fade In” image_url=”https://www.ourxplor.tnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Xplor-logo-history.png” delay=””] [/image_with_animation]

Our vs My Xplor

Accountability is something assigned or given. You can assign accountability. You can instruct people to perform a task or even accomplish a goal. But in effect, you still own that task or goal. You can tell a person what you want, you define success and you create metrics to measure that success. That’s accountability. The person takes responsibility for getting done what you want.

Ownership isn’t assigned or given. Ownership is taken. You can’t appoint ownership. It happens when a person comes forward and says, “I’m going to make this happen. Here’s what I will do. Here’s what I will accomplish. And here’s how I will measure progress.” Ownership means saying, “You will” is unnecessary because the person has already said, “I will.”

People who take ownership (because again, ownership is taken) naturally have the habit of exposing problems because those issues get in the way of their success. They want to overcome problems. So they’ll raise issues, admit short-term failures and ask for help — all because they want to succeed.

At Xplor we believe in fostering a culture of ownership. We believe that Xplor is a collaboration of great ideas among employees, parents, educators and business owners. It is the collective work and diligence of hundreds of Xplorers, in different roles, spanning our entire organization and customer base. We believe Xplor is no longer mine (my) but yours (our). Welcome to ourxplor.com

Join us as we move forward creating new products and experiences, that we hope will continue to deliver the simplicity and delight you expect from Xplor—wherever education may take us.