Exceptional colleagues and hard problems.

Xplor engineers ship thousands of lines of code every day. Their work translates into new product features, delivery of content and algorithms for our customers. Xplor Engineering spans across multiple teams focused on creating, building, testing, deploying, streaming and monitoring the Xplor tech stack.

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Making education great one line at a time.

Want to work with new technology and new infrastructure? Like the idea of shaping the future of education? Love cracking complex challenges? Look no further.

Lauren Grimes

As a Tech Lead, Lauren supports her team day to day as well as makes technical decisions for the mobile products. Her team works across multiple mobile platforms including iOS and Android, and together develop apps that drastically improve the lives of educators and parents.

Meng Lim

At Xplor, Meng is focused on revolutionising the day to day operations of childcare and education by pushing the limits of tech, enhancing user experiences and thinking in new dimensions + fixing Jiras.


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